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Actually… Nuclear power is the best and not to mention cleanest idea we have going right now. The wind doesn’t always blow and the sun isn’t always up and it would cost hundreds of trillions of dollars to try to produce all of our energy with these “green” technologies. Solar panel production creates massive amounts of toxic waste that China is dumping directly in the ocean. Wind turbines are finnikey and take massive upkeep. Solarthermal cooks flying birds midair. Clean coal while economical still releases radioactive carbon 14 soot into the atmosphere. Ocean turbines or hydrofoils look promising but this tech is years off. What do we do TODAY? Nuclear power plants can make 2+ gigawatts of electricity and have a lower background radiation signature than a running coal burner. When people say “use solar” they have no fucking clue in hell the number of solar panels or expense it would take to replace even one 350 megawatt coal burning plant.

Solar power is following an exponential curve tho fuck-liberal-morons so its going to be super cheap by the time i have 10 year olds. 

No it isn’t. Prices are coming down slowly and cell power production capability has been about the same for 50 years. Maybe you need to learn what exponential means. Also it would be a good idea for you to learn something about solar energy.

Anyone that believes that solar energy is the wave of the future hasn’t been paying attention.  Germany, which was touting themselves as revolutionizing the Green movement by turning heavily to solar power, has seen nothing but declines since 2012.  Many of their biggest solar companies have gone bankrupt thanks to heavy subsidies from the government drying up.  Now they’re turning back to building more and more coal plants.

Today’s renewable energy is a joke.  That’s precisely why a carbon emissions tax will collapse the economy.  We rely on carbon fuels for nearly everything in this country.  You start taxing every piece of that, prices are going to skyrocket.  Yet, the commies Greenies continue to push climate change alarmism on us in every way possible, and their only solution to save us from ourselves is by taxing ourselves to death.

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